Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making a difference for those on the Autistic Spectrum

There are multiple etiologies for autism.  It is important to cast a wide net to discover as many areas of abnormality as possible to determine which treatments are best. 

The three Ps of Autism:
  • Predisposing factors - genetic, nutritional, environmental, etc.
  • Precipitating factors - vaccines, illness, etc.
  • Propagating factors - oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, etc.
Common imbalances that are seen in autism include: 
·                                 derangement of the immune system via gut imbalances
·                                 compromised methylation ability
·                                 compromised sulfation (lowered glutathione)
Potential Treatments:
  1. Restore intestinal Health and Balance
  2. Treat Food Sensitivities (gluten, casein and soy) to rid of opiate –like peptides
  3. Eliminate sources of toxins & support body’s own detox process (methylation & sulfation)
  4. Restore balance between excitatory and inhibitory transmitters in the brain (use of GABA-L-theanine)
Removing potential toxins:

  • Dietary changes-remove gluten and possibly casein
  • Eating organic, especially animal products
  • Eating GMO free
  • Filtered water is a must
  • Assess environment

Repair the Gut:
  Remove irritants-allergenic foods-mainly gluten-possibly Casein
  •   Test for and get rid of yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth
  •   Test for and remove pathogens and parasites
 Heal the Gut with:

  •   IgG, 
  •   Glutamine
  •   Re-innoculate with Probiotics
  •   Use Enzymes and HCL to aid in digestion
  •   Vit D

Adequate Sleep-Ca/Mg, valarian root, melatonin, L-theanine

Helpful Testing Options:
Blood/Serum: Homocysteine levels-measure of compromised methylation (liver & brain)
Test for celiac disease and/or gluten and casein intolerance, Vit D status, folic acid levels RBC magnesium and folate.
Genova Labs-Organix Testing   
Genova Labs--Gut permeability, pathogens, and function
Genova Labs: Gene testing

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