Cindy Dupuie
    Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Counselor- Founder of A Living Balance

I have always felt that the human body is an absolutely amazing machine with its own innate ability to heal itself given the right tools.  My focus encompasses nutritional guidance and therapy and other healing modalities to support the health of the mind as well as the body. Good, healthy, yummy tasting food is a passion of mine and I love bringing wonderful recipes and ideas to anyone who is willing to listen!  Food heals and supports our bodies!

My education includes a BS in Dietetics, as well as courses in nutrition as it relates to cancer and alcohol and drug recovery.  I have studied with the Institute of Functional Medicine and hold a certificate as a Functional Medicine Practitioner which has helped me to be able to heal my patients from the root cause of their dis-ease. This type of healing, in my opinion, is the way to real health care reform.  I feel honored to by able to teach nutrition, cooking and yoga in drug and alcohol recovery centers.  I receive tremendous joy from helping people to heal from the inside out.  My specialties include healing the digestive system, weight loss, hormone balancing, auto-immune diseases and getting to the root causes of anxiety and depression.  I'm also a certified Bikram yoga instructor and am currently a student of Raphaology.

I have a private practice in Irvine, California, conveniently located near the John Wayne Airport and I also help people via phone consultations across the country.

Things that I love...my two sons, making people feel better...healing people from the inside out, teaching yoga, reading and learning new things,  living by the beach and of course wonderfully prepared Food that nourishes my body and makes my taste buds happy too!!!

I am hoping that my blog will give you doable ideas on how to feel and look better so that you can go out there and live with passion and vigor and how to protect your children from disease and help their little bodies and brains grow stronger and stay healthy.